Contacts Pomorie, Burgas region, Bulgaria
Тел: +359 888 227044

Store house
Gaberovo village,
6, Kamchia Str

Sevastianov Vine Nursery is a family managed company situated in Pomorie, famous wine region on the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria.

We provide high-quality certified vine planting material of wine and table grape varieties. We offer also rootstock of very high quality.

Sevastianov Vine Nursery is main supplier for wineries, large vineyards and home growners.

Agricultural producer Dimitar Sevastiyanov

Agricultural manufacturer Dimitar Sevastiyanov produces vine planting material
and rootstocks.

The company exists since 1999. The basic production factory is situated in
Pomorie municipality.

For our productive needs we use our own land.

We are leading rootstocks exporter for Europe. We satisfy the needs of world famous vine planting producers in France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Georgia, Greece and etc. Every year we produce more than 1 million vines and 4 million rootstocks.
The company is family business. It is big enough to meet your needs and small enough to provide individual service and attention.

Over the years we created our own broodstock base with basic and certified rootstocks / SO4 clone 102 and 762, 41B clone 153, Kobber 5 BB clone AV1, 1103 Paulsen clone 768 / wich reached 500 acres.

The creation of vine planting material responds to all phitosanitarius standards according the European and Bulgarian legacy. The production is according latest technologies and innovations applied from the leaders in vine planting in the world.

Our team is highly qualified and motivated to create pure certified clone selected table and wine vines.

We offer:
- Vine planting material
- Rootstocks for production of vine planting material
- Consultations concerning the right choice of vines
- Advices about cultivation and application of agricultural events

The vine planting material we produce is in compliance with the national variety sheet constantly controlled and qualified by Ministry of Agriculture.
In the production process we use modern technologies. The final material is free from diseases. The certification of vine planting material guarantees its quality and cleanliness.

Agricultural producer Dimitar Sevastiyanov Agricultural producer Dimitar Sevastiyanov