Contacts Pomorie, Burgas region, Bulgaria
Тел: +359 888 227044

Store house
Gaberovo village,
6, Kamchia Str

Sevastianov Vine Nursery is a family managed company situated in Pomorie, famous wine region on the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria.

We provide high-quality certified vine planting material of wine and table grape varieties. We offer also rootstock of very high quality.

Sevastianov Vine Nursery is main supplier for wineries, large vineyards and home growners.

White Seedless Grape Vines

White Table Grape Vines

White Wine Grape Vines

Red Table Grape Vines

Red Wine Grape Vines

Red Seedles Grape Vines

Illness resistant vines

Certified agricultural manufacturer Dimitar Sevastianov

Sevastianov Vine Nursery is famous supplier of Vine Planting Material of high quality. The company main office is situated in Bulgaria, Pomorie region on the Black Sea coast.

Company main line of activity combines trade and consultancy for any stage of  vineyards creation, planting and growing of vine plants of different types.
We present products as a leading vine nursery on the Bulgarian market. The region we have established the fields and store house is famous for its traditions - Pomorie, Southeast Bulgaria. The area of ​​Pomorie is well known for its ancient vineyards and wineries, with exceptional production quality that satisfies the distingueshed taste of connoisseurs of quality wines.

We offer RootStock for sale at very high quality.