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Sevastianov Vine Nursery is a family managed company situated in Pomorie, famous wine region on the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria.

We provide high-quality certified vine planting material of wine and table grape varieties. We offer also rootstock of very high quality.

Sevastianov Vine Nursery is main supplier for wineries, large vineyards and home growners.

Kailashki misket - complex resistable

Kailashki misket is Bulgarian type of white wine grape vine.  Riping period - beginning of October. 

It was obtained by crossing the Hamburgski miscet and Vilar Blanc by Y. Ivanov and V. Valchev. Officially certified in 1976.

Kailashki Misket is mainly grown and spread in the northern wine region of Bulgaria -  Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Vratsa, Rousse. .

Botanical description
The leaf is medium to large, five-lobed,  glabrous. The above cuts are medium-deep, opened. The lower incisions are shallow (barely noticeable), opened. The caudal incision is open, arched, narrow, with a sharp bottom.

Grapes - medium-sized (15.3 / 9.4 cm), cylindrical-conical, loose, weight - 200 to 220 g.

Grain - medium-sized (14.7 / 13.4 mm), oval, weight 2.0 to 2.4 g. Skin - thick, elastic, yellow-green to golden yellow. The consistency is juicy. Taste - harmonious, a hint of misket.

Agrobiological characteristics

Late ripening white wine grape vine type. The grapes ripen in the first half of October. The vines have moderate to strong growth, good fertility and yield. It is practically resistant to mana and gray rot and has a very good resistance to cold winter temperatures. The vines can be grown in different stem formations. The Kailashki Miscet is well developed and fruited, grafted onto all rootstocks known in Bulgaria.

Technological characteristics
The Misket Kailushka variety is a typical wine variety. Under normal loading and good cultivation, the grapes accumulate 19-22% sugars and titratable acidity 7-9 g / dm3. The grape is suitable for the production of white naturally sparkling wines and original dessert wines.
Kailashki misket - complex resistable