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Sevastianov Vine Nursery is a family managed company situated in Pomorie, famous wine region on the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria.

We provide high-quality certified vine planting material of wine and table grape varieties. We offer also rootstock of very high quality.

Sevastianov Vine Nursery is main supplier for wineries, large vineyards and home growners.

Dunavski Lazur - complex resistable white wine grape vines

Dunavski Lazur, also know as Dunav Lazur, is Bulgarian white wine grape variety.

Dunavski Lazur is a Bulgarian white wine grape variety created at the Pleven Viticulture and Oenology Institute.
The variety is excellent and high resistable to cold and fungal diseases of grapevines. Dunav Lazur is considered to be suitable both for making wine and as a table grape as well. It is a mid- to late ripening variety - September, resistant to temperature variations and low temperatures in the autumn. Dunavski Lazur is a high yielding variety. 

The variety is a result of crossing VILLARD BLANC grape variety and RKATSITELI. 
Year of crossing  1964
Officially certified white wine variety of grapes, Dunavski lazur  y1984.

The average size of a bunch of grapes is 170 grams, often with two branches and an average density. The shape of the cluster at the Danube Lazur is conical.

The average grain size is about 1.7 g, oval-shaped, yellow-green in color.

The sugar content of the Danube Lazur reaches 21% and the acidity - 7 g / l.

Sevastianov Vine Nursery  provides high-quality certified vine planting material of Dunavski Lazur. We offer RootStock for sale at very high quality.
Dunavski Lazur - Dunav Lazur, is Bulgarian white wine grape variety

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