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Sevastianov Vine Nursery is a family managed company situated in Pomorie, famous wine region on the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria.

We provide high-quality certified vine planting material of wine and table grape varieties. We offer also rootstock of very high quality.

Sevastianov Vine Nursery is main supplier for wineries, large vineyards and home growners.

Afrodita, seedless grape variety

Aphrodite (Afrodita) is white grape seedless variety of vines. Sevastianov Vine Nursery provides planting material.

Aphrodite is a seedless grape variety.

Thinning: Only cut into studs. If tha plant is overloaded it will manage to feed tha bunches, but the technological maturity will be achieved late. Under normal load, the bunches are about a pound, loose, branched and with relatively identical grains. The grains are large - almost like Bolgar - slightly heart-shaped - 7.5 gr, oval with amber - yellow color. The diameter is 1.9-2.5 cm. Delicate taste, slightly crunchy, melting. Very sweet.

Aphrodite (Afrodite) grape variety is an early ripening seedless dessert variety. It begins to ripen around August 10 and by 15 Aug technological maturity is achived. At some places in southern Bulgaria, the technological maturity of the grapes occurs in the first ten days of August.

Cold resistance: normal for table vines.

Grapes Crop are about 2000 kg/dca. The grapes contain 16% sugars and 6 g / l acid. It has very good transportability, excellent commercial appearance and taste.

White seedless grape AFRODITA is a real hit on the market. It receives a score of 8.5 on the 10-point system, compared to other seedless grape varieties in Bulgaria.
A fact that speaks to the quality of the variety is that in an international test of seedless dessert varieties in 1999 in Italy of 14 grape varieties, Aphrodite was the first with a yield of 5 tonnes per hectare in the third year (with drip irrigation).
Afrodita, seedless white grape variety vines - planting material